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  Exxon Achieve PP6936G2 (5-1-2020)       SUNPOLY PP SHF MB1500     LG  Chem   

ExxonMobil Achieve PP6936G2    

We can sell you Prime Exxon Achieve PP6936G2, a PP Homo granular resin with a melt of 1,550 for melt blown applications.
Material would be packaged in plain super sacks.

We cannot put Exxon or grade number on any of the paperwork or packaging because we are not a licensed Branded distributor.
However, Exxon will provide us with a Prime COA ( Certificate of Analysis) , which we will then put on our letterhead.
So it will be certified by the specs.

美 国 EXXON MOBIL 公司 PP 熔喷布專用PP 塑膠粒子  熔喷布原料颗粒,  吨袋包装,每个货柜可装 20 吨,    
                            USD 2995 美元每吨,香港,上海 到岸价。
付牌原料颗粒,   USD 2050 美元每吨,香港,上海 到岸价。

见 照片,参数表:
PP  熔体质量流動速度  Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR):....( 230C 2.16kg... g/10min)  要求....1500 g,    EXXon...1550g
如果空运到国内,大概什么价格?  货在Houston..  我估计在$3元/公斤。。

30天,铁路拉到洛杉矶,再出去。  可以。开出信用证后30天到中国?

美国 ExxonMobil 专用 PP 熔喷布料颗粒,建议先做 1 至 2 个货柜。
50% 预付金,装货,货到公海后可拿到提单付本,付余款,电放提单。


LG  Chem